We think in ink…

We are a small creative studio located in Budapest. We design and produce personalized stationery with unique calligraphy, from pattern to print, for people who also think in ink.

Hi, I’m Emi! Art director, fashion lover, and calligraphy enthusiast. After spending six years in London working as a digital designer, I moved my HQ back to my beloved Budapest. Beauty fuels me whether it’s in a spring bouquet, a velvet armchair, or in your wedding invitation!


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If you’d like to have beautiful graphics custom-made for you: We can create stunning personalized save the date cards, invitations, menus, seating cards, and more for events like your wedding or baby shower. We can also create customized stationery such as posters, booklets, notepads, sticky notes, postcards… anything you can think of. We also have a range of beautifully-designed stationery that you can order now.


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